Pinch A Penny

Customers reviews

"Everyone in the store is knowledgeable and courteous.. I have yet to get the wrong advice on how too keep my pool tip top and ready to use. Thanks PAP!!! Job well done!!"
nick nole
I've been doing business with this Pinch a Penny for many years. Pinch a Penny team is the best! The staff are knowledgeable, helpful and provide excellent customer service no matter how simple or complicated your pool issues are. Highly recommend.
Mark Logan
"They did not have an option for what I needed but they pointed me in the right direction. Very satisfied with my visit and will return."
Rad Calhoun
"We had the most amazing experience with the team at this Pinch A Penny. They were informative and actually fun! They spent a long time answering questions and working with us to shop and select the perfect Hot Springs Spa/Hot tub. We couldn’t be happier with the level of customer service and the way they stay in touch with us to continue answering questions and ensuring that everything is still going great. Anyone who is in the market for a spa/hot tub needs to look no further. We explored all the local retailers in town and hands down that Pinch A Penny far exceeds the others. "
Emily Louise
"We had an AMAZING experience with the Pinch A Penny team. We were on a mission to learn everything about hot tubs/spas and they took so much time to teach, show, explain the ins and outs. After their patience and knowledge transfer to us we were able to effortlessly get our Hot Springs Spa purchased and then he and his team came out to set it up. The professionalism, know-how and the ease of working with them honestly stands out and helped us make the easy decision to work with Pinch A Penny over the other local retailers. Thank you for being such rock stars and continuing to check up on us and ensure everything is still as wonderful as it was day one!"
Adam Sendler
"I have chronic back issues and needed to replace my old spa. Pinch a Penny worked with me to determine which spa would best fit my needs. Once decided, they kept me abreast of the status of the spa from the day we were notified it was in production. On delivery day, they got the spa up and running. I was soaking by the end of the day. I am so pleased with my purchase. Thank you Pinch-A-Penny!"
Sharonda Perkins Davis
"They are always great and very helpful at this place. We appreciate you helping us keep our pool clean and sparkling. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!"
hopeless_ kris
Absoultely the best hot tub place in Tallahassee . They always has the answer to my many questions . If you want local and family owned stop in!
Robert Blickenderfer
"Pinch a Penny took time to work with my wife and I and make sure we got the perfect hot tub. They even climbed in with us to make sure we had the right fit for our heights! They exceeded all of our expectations."
Jackie Willis
"The staff is so helpful and they don't try to sell you anything that you don't need."
Teri Libin
"Always good customer service and knowledgeable staff."
Anthony Grossman
"Great recent upgrade in staff. They have my 100% trust in their advice."
Sean Millard